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About the Library

District Central Library - Karur

Government of Tamilnadu Department of Public Libraries cares for Knowledge searchers. To Satisfy the need of Knowledge Searcher the department opens libraries all over Tamil Nadu. In Karur District District Central Library-1 Branch Libraries – 26 Village Libraries – 50 Part Time Libraries – 11 Totally 88 Libraries servicing the district.


District Central Library was established in 27.04.1955 as Branch Library and it is upgrade in  26.09.1997. Now it is function in own buliding with all facilities estimate cost is 83 lakhs. The library is function in three floors.


Thelibrary has a moderate collection of books and journals. There is a steady increase of both books and journals. The Number of titles available at the library grew to touch 84299 now. Tamil dailies o 16, English dailies of 3, Weeklies-15, fort nightly-7, monthly-41, By monthly -1, Quartly-2 are purchased and satisfying the users need and Non book materials of 250 CD collections are also available. Further a good number of books are added every year by purchasing from the funds made by LLA, RRRLF.

Book Issues (Lending)

Book Issue section is computerized.

Reference Section

It functions as a separate section. Books for professional courses are available subject-wise accordingly. The readers are permitted for intensive study and not allowed to take the books to home.

Civil Service and other Competitive Examination Section

Civil Service Section provides opportunities for all youths to enter the civil services and other competitive examinations. Teachers were benefited by this section to pass the TRB Examination. Few of Civil Service aspirants were for Group I Exam.

Internet Section

Library is not a mere place for stocking books. It should also provide all sorts of information. Nowadays net browsing has become unavoidable. Considering this DCL Karur provides the Net facilities with speed and elegant service compared with private internet cafes.

Reprographic Service

To take required information copies from the library, Xerox machine is very useful to the user.

Class Room Library (Vakupparai Noolagam)

To encourage the students to have the habit of reading of books, the libraries are adopting the nearest school and lending books to the students of the Schools.

Innovative Services

Lets go to library Noolagam Selvom Naam) invites particular school students to the library and give awareness to them about the library in every month. The awarness among the students and the public a projector show explaining the visuals of Indian History, World Geography, Important Events of Freedom Struggle was projected on Book Fairs, Science Exhibition and important days.

Books to Prisoners

A novel way to reform prison inmates, the DCL, Karur join hands with a few good Samaritans to provide thought provoking books to the inmates of Karur Sub-Jail.

Purified Water

The readers are provided with hygienic water supply through R.O.System.

Readers Forum

A Team of effective members constitute the Readers Forum and reveals innovative steps for the uplifting of the library. The reader’s forum organizes motivation function, Book realising function and apart from this they provided Sinthanai Muttram every month. It is very successful.


The main source of the income of the local library authority is library Cess. As per the Tamil Nadu Public Libraries Act 10 Piece per one rupee of the property tax collected by the local bodies are remitted to this local library authority. The Expenditure for maintaining the library the staff salary is met by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Other Expenditure for maintaining the library is met by the LLA funds and sum funds are sponsored Raja Ram Mohan Rai foundation, Kolkatta.


Membership is open to any resident of Karur and its vicinity who is 11 years of age and above. Every member can borrow maximum of three books for a period of fifteen days by depositing Rs. 50/-. An annual subscription of Rs.10/- per member is collected every financial year. At present this Library had 10,300 members on roll.


The District Central Library serves the public daily from 8.00A.M. to 8.00P.M. on weekdays on Saturday to Thursday. The library is closed on weekly Friday, Monthly Second Saturday and Government Holidays.

E-mail Renewel

Online Renewal is available for extension of due date of issued books. (e.mail I.D : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )